1. current mood: waitin for shinee to pull a shinhwa and release a naked ass photobook

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  2. dumb dumb and dumb - huang zitao ft. baekyeol

    tao: say EXO! 

    fans: EXO!

    tao: say T-A-O! 

    fans: T-A-O!

    tao: one more time say EXO! 

    fans: EXO!

    tao: say T-A-O! 

    fans: T-A-O!

    tao: /screams/ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK YOu /chokes/ very much…..

    exo & fans: /lmao/

    baekyeol: /nonstop imitating tao’s mistake/ i love you thank you so much argh eeuheueh uhuuhhhh arhhgsh

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  3. imagineyouricon:

    Imagine your icon having to wear the clothes you’re currently wearing for a day

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  4. aegyo-shinee:



    omfg look at kyungsoo look at yixing look at them

    minseok too

    my source of happiness in one gif

    way too cute omg kyungsoo

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    I wonder what happened xD

    [140830 We Love Gangwon Kpop Concert]

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  5. fuckingjongdae:

    when you don’t do your homework and then your teacher says that she won’t be collecting it


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  6. drankwoo:

    kpop fans got a backup list of non kpop artists to answer with when asked “what music do you like”

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  7. slenclerman:

    gaining a new follower


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    Normal, It’s the Onew Condition…and It’s Onew !!~

    This guy…

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    Daily Dose of Onew  #184 Breathtaking Onew Special

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