luhan please.

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  1. yuuchan1:

    O M F G. 
    2min. 2 m i n. 2-m-i-n. dfnjlgkndfjg. ;;;

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    Indeed….. /drools/

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    so handsome 

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    If Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong didn’t completely change your life, you better watch those videos right fucking now and be enlightened

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    Onew the perfect tease…

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    still sleepy

    aweee e so stinking cute wen hes waking up 

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    You keep that shit up I’m gonna ring your bell.

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    I have no words, just an urge to kick him in the face.

    • SM:   releases EXO teasers
    • 3 hours later:   78 gifs and 132 edited pictures are made from just two 40 second videos

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    Happy Birthday -Xi Luhan Oppa!